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"Adventures in Clubbing"
Part 1
by James
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Authors Note: This goes out to Bonnie who has bugged me forever to write it, and to cremegirl fans out there.
It was Saturday night and Isabel did what she did every Saturday night - went clubbing with her friends. They hit the usual clubs, Blast Off, The Underground, and Last Dance. Isabel sat down at the table in The Underground watching her friends freak some guys they met about five minutes ago. The music was loud and ear deafening but Isabel didn’t mind it. It took away from the feeling of her being alone in life.

“Hi,” a voice said barely loud enough for Isabel to hear.

Turned to see where the voice came from seeing a man about 5.8’, brown hair, and dark blue eyes, “Hi back at you.” Isabel smiled.

“Mind if I sit down?” the guy asked.

Isabel looked around for her friends but didn’t see them on the dance floor, “Uh…sure,” Isabel didn’t know why she said that but there was something about this guy. “So what is your name?”

The guy sat down across from her, “My name is Kyle and yours is?”


“I was at the bar sitting looking for someone to talk to and then I saw you all alone, so I thought I would give it a try.” Kyle smiled at her trying very hard to flirt with her, but it only came out lame.

“Is that right?” Isabel laughed at his attempt to flirt it was kind of cute.

“Yea that is right. I’m sorry I’m not very good with the whole flirting thing.” Kyle looked down at his drink and then around looking everywhere but her. Will you stop being such a damn pussy Valenti, his head shouted.

“Don’t worry about it, it was a try.” Isabel took a sip of her drink. Kyle and Isabel sat at the table talking about themselves and getting to know each other. The music changed to a get-your-ass –up-and-dance song.

“Come on let’s dance.” Isabel took Kyle’s hand and dragged him on the floor.

“I don’t know how to dance!” Kyle shouted over the music.

“Don’t worry about it just let me do all the work.” Isabel winked as she fought their way through the crowd. Isabel finally settled on spot on the dance floor then turned to face Kyle. “Okay all you have to remember is that let your body move to the rhythm of the music.”

Kyle looked at her with a raised eyebrow, but strangely trusted this woman he only met two hours ago. Isabel placed her right leg between his closed legs hitting his legs to spread them further apart then threw her hands over around his neck, “Now move in sync with me.” Isabel began to move her waist with the music, “Come on Kyle you can do it.” She smiled at him.

What the hell I already have made an ass out of myself tonight doing it again can’t hurt, Kyle thought to himself as he body started to move with Isabel’s. Isabel locked eyes with him, losing herself in those blue eyes. It was as if she was standing on the beach looking out at the crystal blue sea. She didn’t know who moved first but their lips touched, sending little sparks through her body. Kyle tongue circled around her lips memorizing the texture of them, waiting for her to open her mouth. When Isabel opened her mouth their tongues clashed, fighting to see who would win, so they could search the other’s mouth.

Isabel opened her eyes seeing where they were and pulled away, “Not here.” She looked around seeing the hallway that led to the bathrooms. She pulled him by his shirt to the hallway then down it. When they reached the end Kyle twirled her around pushing her against the wall he attacked her mouth again with a fierceness that took Isabel by surprise. Isabel looked to the side of her seeing the women’s bathroom. Isabel pushed Kyle away from her and opened the door. She singled to Kyle to follow her into the bathroom Kyle hesitated at first then followed her.

“Isabel?” Kyle whispered in the bathroom. Kyle started to walk down the stalls hoping to find Isabel before a women walked into the bathroom, all I need id to be branded a pervert tonight. A hand grabbed Kyle by the shoulder then pulled him into a stall. Kyle stumbled into the stall then fell on the toilet. “Thank god the lid was down,” Kyle smirked as Isabel towered over him.

Isabel put her finger to her lips, “Shhh.” Isabel started to unbutton her shirt slowly, teasing Kyle, but Kyle couldn’t take it anymore he placed his hands over hers and started to unbutton the shirt faster. Isabel yanked her hands away from him slapping his hands, “I don’t think so just sit there and shut up.” Kyle looked at her with a faint smile on his lips. He liked how she was taking control because most of the time he was the one taking it.

Isabel unbuttoned the last button exposing her bra, which in no time was unlatched. Kyle swallowed hard as the shirt and bra hit the ground he watched in amazement as Isabel turned around lifted her skirt to her waist exposing her thong to him. Isabel brushed her ass against Kyle’s face teasing him to touch her to have his way, but Kyle just sat there. Isabel’s fingers wrapped around her panties then pulled them down to the ground as Kyle just sat there.

I dunno what I did to deserve this but I’m not complaining at all. Kyle felt himself get hard at the show Isabel was putting on for him. Kyle had enough of Isabel’s teasing, “It’s my turn now.” Before Isabel could even react to Kyle his hand slid between her legs and started massaging her clit. Isabel’s legs almost gave out as Kyle separated her fold and lowered his head. Kyle’s tongue jolted between her folds, licking and lapping trying to drive her as crazy as he was sitting there watching her tease him.

Isabel slammed one her hands on the stall door for support as the other massaged a breast. Isabel moaned and gasped for air as his tongue quickened its pace. Kyle alternated licking her core and inserting two fingers into her. Kyle’s fingers began to get slick from the wetness that surrounded Isabel’s core. “More…please…I need more!” Isabel groaned. Kyle unzipped his pants freeing himself from the confines of his pants he moaned at the freedom. He stood up pushing Isabel against the stall door as he pulled down his pants and boxers.

Kyle stroked himself a couple of time the inserted himself into Isabel’s wetness. “Oh my god!” Isabel shouted as Kyle slid into her more. Kyle pulled her head back capturing her mouth as he began moving in and out of her. The moans and groans coming from them sounded like gagged people yelling for help.

The door to the bathroom suddenly slammed open and the sound of drunken woman filled the room, “Could you believe that guy what a fucking loser.”

“I know.” The other women replied.

Kyle clapped his hand over Isabel’s mouth as his quick thrusts slowed to almost a stop. Isabel pushed herself away from the stall door causing Kyle to fall backward on to the toilet lid. A groan escaped Kyle causing the two women to talk their drunken chitchat. Isabel began moving her ass in a slow back and forth motion.

“Isabel, stop we’ll get caught,” Kyle whispered and moaned at the same time.

Kyle took his hand away from her mouth, “I don’t care you feel so good inside of me,” Isabel quickened her pace.

The door to the bathroom opened then shut with a bang, “You think they are gone?” Kyle said meeting her motion.

“Do you care?”

“No.” Kyle jumped them to their feet slamming Isabel to the stall door again. He ran his hands around to the front of Isabel grabbing her breasts in them. Squeezing and kneading them as he relentlessly pounded in her.

“Faster! Faster!” Isabel screamed. Kyle was more then happy to oblige her.

Isabel clawed at the stall door as Kyle pounded her; the creaking from the door alarmed them because it sounded like it was going to break at any moment

“Isabel…I’m…going…to,” Kyle shouted then emptied himself inside of her. Isabel’s quivering body signified that she came also when he did. Kyle felt a little guilty that he didn’t make sure that she was ready when he was. With a sigh Kyle sat on the toilet seat with Isabel in his arms still.

Two days later

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier Isabel?” Caty blurted out.

“I was embarrassed; I’d done nothing like that. Ever. There was just something about him that made me want to do it,” Isabel smiled remembering that night at the club with Kyle.

“It figures I get an asshole and you get the best night of sex in your life,” Caty retorted, “Lucky bitch.”

“Excuse me ladies but I want to introduce you to our new employee,” Mr. James said standing in Isabel’s doorway. Mr. James stood aside letting the person step into the office, “This is Kyle Valenti, he is taking Alex Whitman’s place as manager here.”

Kyle smiled, “Nice to meet…” Kyle stopped when his eyes saw Isabel. Images of that night flashed before him.

“Kyle are you alright?”

“Uh…yea I’m fine sir.” Kyle shook hands with Caty, “Nice to meet you.”

“This is Isabel Evans, she’ll be your assistant and will get up to sped on work,” with that said Mr. James walked out of the room.

“Nice to meet you.” Kyle extended his hand to shake hers.

“Same here.” Isabel shook his hand.

“First thing is first can you show me where the bathrooms are I have had to use it since I stepped in here.” Kyle smiled.

Isabel smiled back, oh the possibilities with him working here.


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