FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"A Twist of Fate"
Part 2
by Anne Baker
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims, and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this wonderful story. I’m just borrowing them! The quotes are from “Watershed” by Indigo Girls. Go girls! (Amy shook my hand! That’s my one claim to fame of the summer while y’all were meeting Jason!)
Summary: It's Freshman year, and a certain dream couple starts to eye each other! What would happen if the couples got together Frosh year instead of Sophomore year?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: Thanks to my whole Roswell family for being so supportive and loving to me. Particularly Mel, Celeste, Patti, Jez, Linda, Anne M, and the whole diehard family!
Liz’s mind was reeling as she walked away from Max, heading off to her English class. She, Liz Parker, had a date with Max Evans! With tall, dark, handsome, mysterious Max Evans, who everyone in school wondered about at least once, but no one ever managed to get to know. Max Evans, the loner, who never interacted with anyone unless it was his sister or Michael Guerin. Max Evans who Maria insisted had a crush on Liz for years. Max Evans who Liz now wanted to know everything about. She was absolutely fascinated by him.

Max stayed glued to his seat, stunned, as he watched Liz Parker walk away from him. What had just happened? Did he really just ask Liz Parker out? And did Liz just really say yes to him? It was all so unbelievable! It was so much like something out of Max’s fantasies, that he could barely believe that it had happened! The reality of it all began to sink in. He, Max Evans, had a date to Freshman Formal with Liz Parker. So what should he do next? Max had to make sure that the entire evening went perfectly for Liz, like something out of her dreams. He knew without a doubt that it would be surreal to him. The night would be unforgetful to him, so he had to make sure that Liz would always remember it forever.


After school that day, Liz and Maria were in the back room of the Crashdown getting ready for work. Recently Liz’s parents had given the two friends jobs at the restaurant they owned, and Maria and Liz were having a blast there together. Usually as they dressed they talked and laughed about all the latest gossip at school, but today silence hung over them, as they slipped into their silvery antennae and aprons. Liz just kept moving around the room with a silly grin glued to her face, and Maria watched her curiously, impatiently waiting for her to spill the obviously exciting news.

“All right, Liz. Spill it. What’s going on? Did Kyle finally ask you out? I told you he was going to!”

“No, Kyle didn’t ask me out…” Liz evaded

“But???” Maria pressed.

“But I did get myself a date to Freshman Formal.” Liz grinned

“Freshman Formal? You’re kidding me! That’s awesome Liz, who is it?” Maria squealed.

“Max Evans!” Liz announced.

“Max Evans?” Maria marveled.

“Yes, Max Evans!”

“HA! I knew he had a crush on you! Haven’t I been telling you that for years? How did you manage to get him to ask you out, Liz? I mean, the guy is so shy! I thought he’d never do it!”

“I don’t know, Maria, it just happened!”

“It just happened? Liz, the quietest guy in school suddenly asking you out doesn’t just happen! What really happened?”

“I don’t know, Maria. I caught him staring at me during science lab, and it suddenly occurred to me that I don’t really know him at all, even though we’ve been in school together for over 5 years. You and Alex weren’t around, so I asked him for lunch.” Liz explained.

“So you made the first move?” Maria teased.

“Yeah, I suppose.” Liz laughed. “Anyways, lunch was really great. Max is really easy to talk to. I guess I was just really comfortable around him. And then it just happened.”

“He asked you?” Maria asked.

“Yes he asked me!”

“That’s so cute, Liz!”

“Yeah, it really was! He was just so shy and adorable about it. Maria, seriously…I’m really excited about this. I really want something good to come out of this.”

“Liz, I really think it will work out between you two. You and Max…I don’t know, Liz, it just seems right.”

“I hope you’re right Maria.”


Max Evans stood and stared up at the bright flashing lights of the Crashdown Café. He gulped in his breath nervously, as he pondered whether or not to go in and see her.

He had told Isabel and Michael that he was going to the library. It was time for him to start studying for his big World History final. He had actually intended to go to the library this time, but somehow he had ended up here, to see her, again. He always ended up here. Liz was like a magnet to him. He couldn’t stay away. He knew she was inside, and this time she would notice him when he walked in.

If only he knew what to say to her…


“Max Evans, 10 o clock!” Maria called out.

“What?” Liz whirled around just in time to see Max striding through the door, his eyes seeking her out.

Liz blushed as their eyes met, his gaze intense. The way he looked at her…it made her feel special, in a way that no one ever had before. Liz loved it! A calming sense of happiness swept over her as her eyes followed Max’s to his booth.

It was strange how quickly things could change. Max had always been watching Liz. She knew it in her heart, even though her mind had always denied it. Since their talk that afternoon, though, he was no longer trying to hide his gaze behind his shyness. It was more out in the open now. Liz liked it that way.

“Go talk to him girl!” Maria ordered.


“No buts! You can take a break! Do it!”

Liz smiled at her best friend gratefully, and slipped out of her apron, as she slowly made her way towards Max.

“Hey Max.” She greeted him with a smile as she slipped into the booth across from him.

“Liz. How’s it going?”

“Good. It’s going good. Everything’s good here!” Liz fumbled. “You?”

“Good.” He smiled shyly across the table at her. “So…um…about this afternoon.”

“Yeah, this afternoon.”

“I just…I wanted…um…Are you sure?” Max finally asked.

“I had a really good time this afternoon, Max.” She responded softly.

“You did?” Max looked up from his hands in amazement.

“I did.” Liz insisted. “And I’m really excited about our date next Friday.”

“You are?” Max asked in disbelief.

“Yes I am!” Liz laughed. “I wouldn’t have said yes if I didn’t want to go!”

“So you still want to?”

“Yes, more than anything.” Liz reassured him.


“Yeah, really!”

“Wow.” Max gaped softly.

He stared at Liz in amazement, and she returned his gaze, as they once again lost themselves in each other’s eyes. The world around them seemed to disappear. Nothing else mattered except the two of them, and the connection that seemed to pull them together.

“She’s a goddess.” Max thought. “And she’s going out with me. How did all of this happen? I must be the luckiest alien on earth.”

“His eyes…” Liz thought. “They’re so amazing! So deep and dark. I could get lost in those eyes…no, wait…I AM lost in those eyes.” She realized. “There’s something about them…like a secret that I need to figure out. No one on earth has eyes like those. They’re just…magical.”


His name pulled him out of Liz’s eyes, as he jerked them upwards to find his sister standing over them. Reality snapped back into Max’s world, as he remembered everything. He was Max Evans, alien exraordinaire, and Liz was human. They could never do this. They could never be together.

Isabel and Michael were going to kill him!

“Oh…hi Izzy.” Max greeted lamely.

“I thought you were at the library.” She chastised him.


“Let’s go.” Isabel ordered, as she practically dragged Max out of the Crashdown.

This time it was Liz who was left sitting alone staring after Max Evans, as she wondered once more why Max Evans was the way he was.

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