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"A Special Bond"
Part 6a
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"Liz? You look like you want to ask me something?" Max said. She was being extremely quiet and it was worrying him.

Liz looked over at him and laughed nervously. "I just... this may sound really weird but, what happens if...what I mean to say is will something bad happen if you have sex with humans?"

Max smiled. "Well, I've never really done that with anyone," he admitted. "But, Isabel and Kyle have done that kind of thing and nothing bad has happened, so far, even though at this point I wish it had. Why?"

Liz looked over at him and blushed. "No reason, I was just wondering."


Michael drove over to Maria's house fighting the growing ball of anxiety in his stomach. She had called earlier and invited him to come over and even though he knew it wasn't a good idea, he couldn't say no. He wanted to see her so much.

He pulled his pick-up to the curb of her house and slowly climbed out. He knew that he should just turn around and go back home but he couldn't. It was like some stronger force was pulling him there.

He walked up to her front door and rung the doorbell. "Coming!" he heard Maria's voice call and he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around at the houses on the street. This definitely wasn't his side of town.

The door opened a moment later and Maria appeared, looking extremely happy. "Hi," she said enthusiastically and leaned in for a kiss. "Mmm, I missed you," she said as she pulled back.

"I missed you too," he said and she grabbed his hands out of his pockets.

"Come on. Let's go inside." Michael nodded and followed her inside. Maria's house was huge and the inside was very grand.

"So, Michael, I was thinking that we could order a pizza and watch a movie or something, how does that sound?"

Michael shrugged. "That sounds fine. What movie are we going to watch?"

Maria smiled and said, "Let's go to the living room. We have a huge selection of movies and you can choose whatever one you want."

They walked towards the living room and Michael whistled when he saw the selection of movies to chose from. She wasn't kidding. There were so many of every genre. Michael looked through the shelves and finally settled on Army of Darkness.'

"Cool. You know, I hated that movie when I first saw it but now I absolutely love it! It's so cheezy but so funny! Here, hand it to me. I'll put it in. So, what do you like on your pizza?"

Michael shrugged. "Get whatever you want. I'm not too pickey."

"How about with everything except sausage?" She made a face. "Sausage makes me gag."

"That's fine. I don't particularly like sausage either."

"Perfect." She picked up the phone and dialed the number to place the order.

Michael stood up and walked over to the large glass window that led to the back yard. There lawn was perfectly green and there was even a large swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. This definitely wasn't his neighborhood. Where he came from, you never saw grass or pools, only weeds and more weeds.

He felt Maria's arms wrap around him from behind. "Whatcha lookin'' at?"

"Just looking at your back yard. I didn't even know that grass existed in Roswell."

"Yeah, well daddy has a gardener and so we have grass year round. Hey, you wanna go swimming?"

Michael turned around and said, "But what about the pizza? And, I don't have any trunks."

Maria shrugged. "I can call them back and tell them to deliver it later. I'm sure that they haven't started it yet. Besides, it's a Saturday night, they're probably swamped right now. And as for the trunks, if you really have to wear trunks, I'm sure I can dig some up somewhere."

"Okay," Michael finally agreed. He hadn't swam in a few years and he thought it would be fun to get into a pool again.

Maria gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said, "Let me go call them."

She called and asked them to deliver the pizza in an hour and then disappeared upstairs and returned a few minutes wearing a black bikini which she looked absolutely gorgeous in, and she carried two towels and a pair of trunks. She tossed them at him and said, "Here, these are my dads but he's never worn them. They're brand new. You can go change in there," she pointed to the downstairs bathroom.

Michael nodded and walked over to the bathroom to change. He was starting to think that maybe swimming wasn't such a good idea. The moment Maria had appeared in that suit, he had felt a tightness in his groin and he knew that it was going to be especially hard to maintain his control.

When he was fully changed, he stepped out and walked outside. Maria was already in the pool. "Hey Michael. Come in!"

He nodded, tossed his clothes aside and dove in. The water felt great on his sore muscles and he sighed. He had been working practically all day with his father so he was a little tense. He broke the surface when he reached Maria at the shallow end of the pool and tossed his hair out of his eyes. "Hello," he smiled at her and she smiled back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hello," she whispered and then kissed him. Her lips were cold from the water but as she opened her mouth in welcome, she was all warmth. Her breasts pressed up tight against his chest and he embraced her, feeling his groin tighten again. He knew that he should stop, that he couldn't let anything happen but he couldn't resist. *Just a few more minutes,* he told himself.

His hands snaked up her back and came to rest as they weaved into her hair. She pulled her mouth back and lowered it to his throat where she began to place open mouthed kisses. Michael let his head fall back and he groaned low in his throat. Her mouth was so warm, her tongue so hot as it lashed against his skin. *You have to stop this,* a voice in his head said but there were so many voices there and a majority of them were screaming for him to keep going and they outnumbered that one voice and it was really such a weak voice.

His head grew hazy and he couldn't think straight. He was losing himself in the feel of Maria, she was all he could concentrate on. His hands dropped from her hair and down her back until they came to rest on her bottom. He lifted her up out of the water and her legs wrapped around his waist. Her glorious mouth returned to his and they kissed until they reached the wall of the pool.

He leaned her back into the wall of the pool and deepened his kiss, exploring every warm crevice of her mouth, growing addicted to her mouth. Maria moaned his name into his mouth and grinded her center into his abs with want. "Maria," he groaned.

Maria pulled back, gasping for air and looked into his eyes. "Make love to me, Michael," she pleaded.

He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. "We shouldn't," he said weakly, not quite remembering why it wasn't such a good idea?

"Why?" she asked, her breath coming fast against his lips.

"It's not safe," he whispered against her lips.

"What's not safe? I'm on the pill," she replied, her tongue tracing his lips. "I want you Michael. Don't you want me?"

"God, yes," he gasped, his last bit of resistance dissipating.

"Then do it then," she sighed and kissed him hard again.

Michael nodded. He was a gonner. Her couldn't stop now if he wanted to. He let her bottom go and her legs slid down his until she was standing on her own. He began to stroke her back with his hands as tongues frantically dueled. His hands came to a stop at her neck and he released the knot of her suit and slowly pulled them forward. He kissed the bare flesh at her neck and on her shoulders and she moaned in delight, her hips grinding into his. "Michael," she sighed as her body arched into his.

He stayed at her neck until not an inch of her skin on either side was untouched by his mouth. He finally stood and looked into her passion-filled eyes and let her top fall down so that her breasts were completely exposed. She arched up against him again and her breasts grazed his chest. He groaned and then looked down at her well endowed, creamy colored breasts with their dusty rose colored nipples. He had never seen anything so beautiful.

He glanced up into her face and then lowered his head with a groan as her captured one of those rose colored nipples in his mouth. He swirled the soft flesh with his tongue and then he heard Maria suck in a deep breath as he grazed his teeth across her hard flesh and he smiled, moving to her other breast to repeat the process.

She reached out for his hands and slid them down in the water until they reached the thin black straps of her bottoms and helped him slide them down her legs. Her own hands slid to his waist and pushed his trunks down until they were both completely nude. She pulled his body up against hers and began to rub small circles over his now rigid arousal.

Slowly and a little unsure, he dipped his hand under the water and came to rest at the patch of hair at the juncture of her legs. Her legs widened and her head shot back as she circled his hand. "Michael," she whimpered. His hand slid down to her swollen lips and he ran his finger over her. Her couldn't believe how much heat was coming off of her body in the cold water. Maria cried out and he figured he was doing something right so he continued to trace the lower lips until he finally dipped a finger inside of her and she cried out again her hands grabbing onto his shoulders, her nails digging into them.

He slid his finger in and out of her as her hips pushed up against his hand. Her own hand searched out his erection and she grabbed the base of it and began to stroke him softly. His breath caught in his throat his eyes widened as a new sensation raged through his body. As amazing as it felt, he pushed her hand away and picked her up until she was sitting on the edge of the pool. He pushed himself up, climbed out of the pool and pushed them back so their bodies were laying flat on the patio. He climbed on top of her and kissed her again as his body melted into hers.

Her body arched into his completely and his arousal slipped into the juncture of her legs where it rested against her thighs. She squeezed him with her legs and almost sent him over the edge as her damp heat rested slid over him.

She looked into his eyes and whimpered. "Please, Michael. I need you."

He swallowed hard and nodded. He pushed his body up with one arm and reached for his throbbing erection. He watched as she rubbed her legs together to ease her ache and then spread them open for him. He positioned his tip at her hot core and rubbed it around for a moment before finally pushing into her. He gasped as he slid into her tight walls and heard Maria's breath rush out of her in a long, exalted cry. He let his body drop down to hers as he kissed her again and looked into her eyes. There was so much desire there. He propped himself up on his elbows as he continued to kiss her and he began to slowly move over her body. She trembled under him and moaned.

As the need grew in him, he clenched his eyes shut and began to move faster and faster until he had reached his delicate precipus. He tried to fight his loss of control but it couldn't be curbed and he came inside of her with a loud groan. Maria cried out as well and he opened his eyes to see that she too had reached her plateau. Their thrusting hips continued to push up against each other until they were both trembling from exhaustion.

He collapsed on top of her, still supporting a majority of his own weight and he brushed his lips with hers. "Michael," she whispered lazily. "That was so amazing."

"Mmm, I know," he replied and began to kiss her again, deeper, as his head finally began to clear. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too," she sighed.

Just then, a chiming noise could be heard in the air and Maria's eyes widened. "It's the pizza man," she whispered.

"Screw it."

"No, I'm hungry," she shook her head and then kissed him quickly. He got off of her and watched as she stood up, wrapped a towel across her body and disappeared into the house.

Michael relaxed against the warm cement of the patio and sighed. He couldn't believe it. He had never experienced anything so wonderful before. He had never...

"Shit!" he sat up sharply and realized what he had just done. He had sex with Maria after telling himself so many times that it was too dangerous, too risky. A wave of self-revulsion swept over him and he gagged. How could he? What if something happened to Maria?

"Michael! Come on inside so we can eat!" He heard Maria's voice, Maria's sweet, angelic, human voice call from inside and he slowly stood up.

He would never forgive himself if anything happened to her because of his carelessness.


On Monday morning, Maria surprised Michael, Liz and Alex by showing up at the trailer park to pick them up for school. Max and Isabel were with her.

Michael felt relief wash through him when he saw that Maria looked perfectly normal if not extremely happy.

She leaned over and gave him a deep kiss and they pulled apart as they heard giggles come from the back seat.

Maria winked at him and then pulled the car out of the trailer park and drove them to school. They all entered the school together and Maria and Michael departed the group hand in hand to go over to stop at her locker.

She spun the dial on her lock and prepared to open the door when she looked over at him and smiled. She tilted her head to the side and grinned and then moved in closer to him to give him another deep kiss. Michael was a little surprised that she would kiss him like that in public but he accepted her kisses greedily. When their mouths finally broke contact she smiled into his eyes and said, "Sorry I didn't' get to do that properly earlier."

"Well, your forgiven this time but don't make that mistake again," he joked and she giggled and moved in for another kiss.

******* The day turned into another and that turned into a week. Isabel had came home from the hospital the day after her attack, but her parent's and her had decided that taking a week off would be a good idea. Isabel knew that people were talking about what had happened, but Maria and Liz had done thier best to squash the rumors that weren't true. But everyone knew what had happened.

Mr and Mrs. Evans had urged Isabel to press charges against Kyle for what he did, and Kyle had been arrested but his dad had got him out on bail. So now all Isabel was able to do was sit and wait till a trial date was set.

Isabel had been scared when she found out about Liz knowing thier secret, but she had called Liz over one night when Max was at football practice, (Kyle had been kicked off the team pending the outcome of the trial) and the girls had shared a long talk. Isabel had expressed her fears about Liz knowing, and Liz had told her that she would never tell their secret. Isabel had looked her in the eyes when she said this, and she knew that Liz was telling the truth, she wouldn't tell anyone thier secret.

When Max had gotten home that night they had talked about it some more, Liz had asked them questions. Wanting to know if they knew anything about where they came from, or what kind of powers they had.

They told her what they knew, that they didn't know where they came from. Isabel could dreamwalk and both of them could change the molecular structure of simple objects. They could unlock doors, and they could heal things. Which was why Isabel had gotten better so quickly. But Liz had known about healing from Michael already.

They had told her they didn't tell anyone because they were worried about what the government would do if they caught them. Liz had nodded, Michael had worried about the same thing for years.

Max had finally drove her home that night and as they sat there hand in hand talking and sharing short kisses Liz had reassured him that thier secret was safe with her. "I know Liz, and I trust you." They had kissed once more a deeper kiss this time, one full of promise. And then Liz had gone inside.

They had all started hanging out at Isabels and Max's more often, at first it was because they wanted to keep Isabel company. But they were also all there because the people they wanted to be with were right there in that room. None of them were ready to really admit it yet, but there was something about what had happened that they felt had brought them toghether. The six of them felt like one when they were all toghether.

Things were still uncomfortable at times, because they all felt different, but for all different reasons. They all had thier share of secrets, and that was the thing with this group, they were more alike then they thought. And it was the secrets that were going to make this group stronger then one thought. They didn't realize it but the six of them toghether were the strongest they could be.

So as the days went by and they all hung out they slowly got to know each other, sometimes when they were hanging out the guys would run to the store to get a movie or something to snack on, and that's when Isabel would talk to the girls about what happened to her.

"A part of me knows that I should be more upset about what happened, but it's the fact that it's not the first time Kyle forced me. I mean he never hit me before, but the sex was for the most part always rough." Isabel is telling them.

Liz takes Isabel's hand, "That wasn't even sex Isabel, Kyle was using you. And the fact that you didn't want him to do what he did, well no matter that you were going out or what Isabel, what he forced you to do was rape."

Maria nods her head, "Yeah Iz, I mean it's like some guys say that you can't rape your wife, like just because you have a marriage license whatever you want to do that she doesn't is okay. It's not Iz, if a woman says no that should be it, no matter what the legalities or anyone says. No means no and it should be that way, but it's not at times."

Isabel nods her head, "Thanks you guys for listening to me."

Liz and Maria smile at her, "Hey were here for you whenever you need us to be." Maria says. While Liz nods her head in agreement.

Isabel looks at Maria, "Well speaking of being there when you need to be, I noticed that you and Michael look pretty cozy. How are things going?"

Maria beams at the mention of Michael, "Things are great, he's great...well he's fantastic to be more precise."

Isabel looks at Maria sensing that she isn't saying something. "Maria what aren't you telling us?" She asks including Liz in it.

Maria blushes and looks at Isabel and then Liz, "Michael and I made love." She looks almost guiltily at Liz, expecting her to be hurt by this admission but Liz only laughs.

"Maria, I'm not upset, I think that you and Michael are perfect for each other. And I'm glad that you can make him happy."

Maria smiles, "I'm glad that your not upset, I love him. And I don't want you to think that he doesn't care about you because were toghether."

Liz only shakes her head, "Michael and I have been friends for to long, I know he cares about me as much as I care about him. But what we shared wasn't the real thing."

Isabel looks at her, "And is my brother the real thing?" Isabel teases her.

Liz blushes to the top of her head but nods, "Yes Max is as real as they get."

Isabel smiles at her, "You've changed Max. Thank you." Liz shakes her head, "He and I have changed each other."

The guys got back and they had sat around and watched a video while eating some popcorn and talking. Finally Liz had to get home, it Sunday night and it was late. Max had walked her out to Michael's truck. And kissed her softly before pulling away. And watched as they drove off.

That night when they had gotten back to the trailer park Liz's mom was out on a date, Alex went home and Michael and Liz sat outside talking. It was a nice night out. The stars were shining brightly in the sky and Michael was looking up at them, when Liz started teasing him.

"So you and Maria have gotten closer?" Michael blushes in the dark, "Umm... yeah were getting along pretty good." Liz smiles, "Oh is that what thier calling it these days?" Michael looks at her, "Okay okay, I know you know. Yes Maria and I made love. I couldn't help it, I know that I always said when we were going out that we should be careful, and I don't want you to think that I didn't want to be with you that way, but I mean aren't you glad now that we didn't?" Michael explains in a rush.

"Whoa Michael calm down and breath, I'm not upset or mad, and yes I'm glad that we didn't. But only because I want to give that to who I love. I'm glad that you and Maria are toghether."

Michael breaths a sigh of relief, "I'm glad that your not upset, I'm just glad that nothing happened." "Like what?" Michael shrugs, "Well it's not like I know a lot about my body, and I don't know what could have happened when Maria and I had sex, I mean what if it had changed her in some way."

Liz shakes her head, "It's okay for aliens and humans to have sex, I mean look at Isabel and Kyle." Liz stops immediatel realizing what she said. Michael nods his head, "Yeah I know that now but I didn...wait what do you mean it's okay, what about Kyle and Isabel?" "Nothing, I didn't mean anything. I'm just tired."

Michael looks at her and stands up, "No..I've known you for to many years, what do you know that your not telling me?" "I can't tell you Michael." "So you do know something... and your keeping it from me? How can you hide something from me, whoever your keeping the secret for is more important then me, is that it?" "No Michael, it's not that simple. I promised I wouldn't tell."

Michael seizes her by the arms pulling her up so their faces are inches from each other. "Liz you better tell me what you know right now, or your going to be throwing 10 years of friendship away. You can't have both! I won't be friends with someone who keeps secrets about what I've wanted to know my whole life away from me."

Liz bites her lip and in a choked voice tells him, she tells him about seeing Max changing Isabel's blood, she tells him about what she found out about thier powers. She tells him everything, and when she's done he sits down with a slump on the ground. Everything he's wanted to know all his life, there were aliens around him the whole time and he didn't know it. Then he looks at Liz, But she did.

Liz stares at him, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Michael, I promised them I wouldn't."

Michael looks at her and laughs bitterly, "Well it's nice to know where your dedications lie."

Liz shakes her head, "It's not like that Michael."

He stands up, "No Liz that's exactely how it is, you picked him over me, you trust and worry about him when you know that I've wanted to know where I come from my whole life. The fact that you didn't tell me is like saying you would never betray him but you can just push me to the side. So I hope that's what you wanted Liz because that's what you got, ever since you became friends with them your a different person, and I don't want to know you anymore." He walks over to his truck and climbs in and slams the door. Then he takes off in a cloud of dust as he peels out.

Liz stands there staring after him, not quite believing what just happened. She runs into her house knowing now what she has to do. She picks up the phone and dials.

Max picks up the phone in his room when it rings.


"Max it's me Liz."


"Umm Max, I need to talk to you, can you come over here? Or is it to late?"

"No I can come over, is something wrong?"

"Just come over please, I'll explain it when you get here."

"Okay I'll be there in about 10 minutes."

"Thanks." Liz says while hanging up.

The next ten minutes pass really slow for Liz, but finally she sees Max's car come into view and when he parks and gets out she runs up to him with tears streaming down her face.

Max pulls her to him, "Liz what's wrong."

Liz just cries as Max hugs her, finally she pulls back and looks at him. "Max I'm so sorry."

He looks down at her tear stained face. "Sorry for what?"

"I told Michael about you and Isabel."

Max looks down at her not quite believing what he's heard. "You told him? How could you do that?" Max asks her.

"We were talking and it slipped but..."

Max pushes her away from him "You don't just let something like that slip Liz."

"I know bu..."

Max shakes his head, "No but's Liz, don't you realize what you've done. You've put Isabel and I in danger. If Michael tells anyone then Isabel and I are at more danger, how could you do this to Isabel and I? We trusted you and you told us you wouldn't tell, and then you went and told at the first chance you got."

Liz moves closer to where Max stands, "No Michael won't tell, I know he won't."

Max moves away from her, "Just like you wouldn't? If I couldn't trust you with our biggest secret how can I trust him? Huh Liz?"

"Please Max, believe me Michael won't tell I know he won't beca..."

Max cuts her off, "No Liz." He climbs into his car, "I can't trust you, I did trust you and I shouldn't have, but I won't make that mistake again." He starts his car and drives off.

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