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"A Special Bond"
Part 5
by Various
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It was 6th period now and Maria was looking forward to English, this was the class that she had with Michael, and today she had a plan. None of her friends were in this class. So she was going to sit in the seat behind Michael, no one sat there anyway.

She got to class and Michael wasn't there yet, she didn't even now if he was going to show up today anyway. She sat down in the seat and got her frozen water bottle out of her bag, as she was taking a sip Michael entered the room, he looked so good today, he was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. And with his hair he looked like one of those classic guys out of the 50's movies, Michael walked toward his seat and was startled to see Maria in the seat behind him, he put his books under his chair in the little tray that was there, and then turned to her.

"Did they change the seats?" Maria shakes her head, "No there not assigned, besides since no one I know is in this class besides you I thought I might as well find someone to talk to, I mean we still have a whole year to go." Michael recoils in mock horror, "A whole year sitting next to me! Are you sure you can handle it?" Maria smiles, "I can if you can?" Michael looks at her, "I suppose." "Good." Just then Mr. Wallace walks in. "Okay class today is a make-up day so go ahead and get out your books and do what you need to." He then sits down and starts reading a book. Michael turns around and looks at her, "God every day is a make-up day, not that I'm complaining but he never gives us work." Maria lowers her voice, "I know, he's the most boring teacher I have, I don't even have any work to make up." "Me neither." Maria looks at him and then he turns around.

She smiles at his back, then rips a peice of paper out of her notebook, and writes on it. (So what are you doing after the game tonight?)

She taps him on the back and when he turns around she hands him the note, he smirks at her and takes it and turns around. He reads it and writes back, (I don't know depends on what Liz wants to do.) He passes it over his shoulder to her and she grabs it reading it, and then starts to write back, as she's writing her feet are on the back of his book tray and out of nervous energy she's bouncing her feet.

(All of the cheerleaders are going to a party at Tommy Moores house, she said that she wanted to go, you and your friend Alex should come.) She taps him again and he reaches his hand back and she puts the note in his hand.

He reads the note and writes back, (Yeah well probably go, just to keep an eye on Liz, and quit moving your foot!!!!) He passes it back to Maria who reads it and stops jiggling immediately. Michael smiles when she stops but also kind of wishes she would start again.

(Cool I'm sure Liz will be glad that your there. Have you seen Liz today?) She passes the note to him. He reads it and writes back.

(No!!!! You and your friends have hidden her from me, Why???) He passes it back and she quickly reads it and writes back, (Well you know how she spent the night at Isabel's? Well we did her makeup for her, and she looks really pretty. Max really liked it.)

Michael reads the latest thing she wrote and smiles and thinks to himself, *It's like she's trying to assure me that Liz is interested in Max and he is in her.* He smiles and writes back. (I'm glad for Lizzie, she deserves to be happy and if it's with Max that's fine. But I'll kill any one that hurts someone I care about.)

Maria reads this and starts to write back, as she's writing her foot starts jiggling again, and Michael reaches under his and her desks with his hand. He wraps his hand around her calf and she immediately stops. He leaves his hand wrapped around her leg and Maria finishes what she's writing and passes it to him.

Michael moves his hand from her leg and starts to read it, Maria feels the loss and wants his hand back on her.

(Max won't hurt Liz, he's not like some of the guys around here, he's a good guy.) Micheal writes back, (I hope so, for his sake!!! It's hot in here huh?) He passes it to her.

Maria reads this and nods even though he can't see it. She writes something back and passes it to him, when he's taken it she smiles, she picks up her water bottle and let's it drip down the back of Michael's shirt. He jerks at the feel of the cold hitting him and turns to look at her.

"You said you were hot." She says. Michael rolls his eyes and grabs the bottle from her taking a drink from it. He puts it back on her desk and turns back to the note. (Yes it's hot!) Michael writes something down and passes it to Maria. (I'm glad to know that I get you all hot and bothered DeLuca (smile face will go here)

Maria reads this and bounces her feet hard on his desk making him turn around, she glares at him and he smiles crossing his eyes making her giggle. He turns back around and waits for more of her note.

Maria is writing, (YOU DON'T GET ME ALL HOT AND BOTHERED, WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN?? YOUR SO FULL OF YOURSELF!!!!) She taps him and passes him the note. He reads it and smiles to himself *oh yeah he thinks?* Maria's feet are still up on his tray and he reaches his hand back and gently grasps her leg in his hand, he strokes his way up and down her smooth calf. Maria is surprised, she wouldn't admit it to him, but his touch does get her all hot and bothered. Michael feels the connection to her again he stops what he's doing and looks back at her, and opens his mouth to say something.


The bell sounds ending the class period, Maria gets her stuff toghether. "So I guess I'll see you at the party tonight?" Michael nods as they walk out of class, "Yeah most likely." Maria nods, "Good!" And before he can answer her she takes off in the other direction. Michael smiles again and walks off to the parking lot to wait for Alex.


That night Roswell High one against the Astros 35-7. Liz had done outstanding with the group, and Michael and Alex were proud of her. After the game everyone was going to the party at Tommy's house, his parents weren't home, and his parties were legendary.

Isabel and Maria had told her about it the night before and when Michael and Alex came up to her after the game to congragulate her she told them about it. Alex was apprehensive about it but both Liz and Michael talked him into it.

Isabel and Maria had already left, they were going to change and head over to the party. But Liz had stayed behind to show the guys the way to Isabel's. She was going to change there and then follow them to Tommy's house in Alex's dad's car that he had borowed for the night.

Once at Isabel's Liz tried to get them to come in but both shook thier heads saying they would wait outside. Liz rang the bell and Isabel opened the door ushering her inside. About a half hour later all the girls came out and they looked good. Liz was wearing a jean skirt and a white mans shirt that Isabel had borrowed from Max she had on a pair of white canvas platform shoes, and with her hair done all curly she looked great. Maria was wearing a pink dress that was tight and cut just above her knee, it wasn't really low cut but her breasts were empahsised in the dress. Isabel was wearing a red suede tank top, and a matching mini skirt, to say she looked hot was an understatement.

When they walked up to the car Alex was surprised to find he could speak enough to say they all looked nice. "So we decided for no one to get lost, Isabel and I are going to go in your car Alex and Michael can ride with Maria, so she doesn't have to ride alone." Liz says. Michael gets out of the car leaving the door open for the girls, he opens the back seat expecting Isabel to get in, and is surprised when Liz gets in and Isabel sits in the front. He shakes his head, he'll never understand girls. He walks over to Maria's car and walks to the passenger side where she's standing she hands him the keys. "You do have a license don't you?" Michael just nods surprised as Maria goes to the open the passenger side Michael shocked out of his thinking hurries and opens the door for her, when she gets in he closes it and goes to the drivers side he gets in and starts the car following Alex and Liz.

When they get to the party it's in full swing, the find a spot to park up the block and walk to the party. The music is blaring and people are milling around. Max comes up to them when they enter the house. "Hey I was wondering when you would get here." He adresses the group but is looking at Liz. She blushes and looks at the ground. Michael watches this and looks at Max, the girls tell them thier going to get something to drink. Max looks at Alex and Michael standing there looking at him. He offers his hand, "Hey I'm Max." Alex shakes his hand and Michael looks at him, "You better not hurt Liz, if you do you'll wish you hadn't." Max drops his hand, "I wouldn't hurt her." Michael nods his head and then offers his hand, which Max looks at and then takes, "As long as we understand each other."

Liz and the girls come back and their carrying drinks for the guys, Liz hands one to Max, Maria hands one to Michael and Isabel hands one to Alex. Their standing around talking when Kyle comes up to Isabel. He kisses her on the back of the neck. "Hey babe, can we talk?" Isabel nods her head and looks at Maria who gives her a look like be strong. She follows Kyle outside and they start walking, there is a park near Tommy's house and they walk towards it. Kyle stops and leans up against the fence.

"So you've been telling your friends things about me?" Isabel looks at him, "No." Kyle shakes his head, "Why are you lying? I know you had to have told Maria something." Isabel sighs, "OK we talked about things, and well some of the things she said made sense." "Maria making sense, that will be the day. What could she have possibly said that makes sense?" Isabel looks at the ground, "Well she said that I shouldn' know do oral sex to you, unless your going to as well." Kyle laughs, "I'm not going to do that, it's gross. That's where girls pee from."

Isabel is starting to get mad, "And what about guys, they pee from there, but you expect me to suck your dick? I'm getting really tired of this being one sided Kyle! All you care about is how good it feels to you, your selfish and your a lousy lover!" She starts to walk away when she feels herself pulled back by her hair from Kyle.

Kyle looks at her, "You stupid bitch, where do you think your going? Did you ever think that there was something wrong with you? Maybe if you weren't some frigid cunt I would want to please you!" She looks at him not believing that he said this she pulls her hand back and slaps him across the face, and then she gets really scared, because instead of him getting mad he's smiling at her. "Let me go Kyle!" He slaps her across the face"Your not going anywhere, you stupid whore. Don't you know that no one else will ever want you, not after the way that I've used you. Did you know that when I use to fuck you at my house I had a video camera up, and I taped all our sessions. I've shown all they guys how you let me fuck you!" As he's saying this he's unzipping his zipper, Isabel is twisting around trying to get away but Kyle just grabs her hair tighter, he punches her in the face twice dissorenting her. He pushes her roughly to the ground and she lands with an thud. Kyle is on top of her immediately, he reaches under her skirt and rips her panties away, she tries to scream but he puts the panties in her mouth, he gets himself out and holds her hands above her head as he rapes her. She closes her eyes and tries to block it out. He pulls out and turns her over on her stomach, spreading her ass cheeks he plunges in, he can hear her muffled cries and keeps going.

When he's near he pulls out and cums all over her skirt and then stands up, he looks down at her and shakes his head, "I have no more use for you, it's over." He zips up his pants and goes back to the party leaving Isabel there.

Isabel just lays there, not knowing what to do, the sobs come. She lays there broken and beaten. She doesn't know how much time has gone by but she hears a voice calling her, then the person is standing over her she feels hands rolling her over and she whimpers. "Oh Jesus Isabel?"

Alex hadn't been having any fun at the party, Liz and Max were in thier own little world, and Michael was talking to that Maria girl, so he had decided to take a walk and he had came across this, he stared down at Isabel and took his shirt off covering her the best he can, there is blood that has poured down her nose, and her eyes is puffy. "Isabel who did this to you?" He can barely hear her as she whispers, "Get Max, get my brother!" "I don't want to leave you alone!" "I'll be fine, just hurry please." Alex nods and runs back to the party to find Max.


Max held Liz tightly to him as they danced to the slow song he had requested. Usually they didn't start the slower songs till way later in the party, but Max just wanted to have an excuse to hold Liz. She smelled so good he thought as he buried his face in her hair. And he loved the feel of her soft silky hair as he ran his fingers through it. He could hold her all night. She fit against him so perfectly.

Liz was in heaven. She couldn't believe that she was here, dancing at a party with Max Evans! The guy of her dreams now for over 8 year. He smelled so good and sexy and he held her so close, yet she knew all she had to do was push a little and he would release her. But she didn't want to be released. No. She wanted to stay deep in Max Evan's big strong arms forever. When she was with him, nothing else mattered. Everything seemed perfect.

Alex rushed back into the house and frantically looked around. Then, seeing Max on the dance floor he rushed up to him.

"Max! God Max! You've gotta come quick!" Alex broke in on Max's thoughts.

Max lifted his head at the shear panic in the guys voice and knew it was serious and he was needed.

"What?" he asked, still holding Liz, but now he was tense, waiting for the worst.

"It's Isabel…she's…just come with me!" Alex said brokenly and led the way followed closely by Max and Liz.

Michael and Maria were standing off to one side talking when Michael saw Alex, Max and Liz run by. He frowned at the look on their faces and putting down his drink, he followed them.

Maria too saw the look on Max's and the other's faces and went pale. Isabel! She just had a feeling. Kyle had taken her to talk. Oh my God! She thought as she chased after Michael and the others.

Alex leaped over a row of low hedges to get to Isabel the fastest way possible, Max right behind him followed by the rest.

Alex rushed up to the still form and slid down on his knees to gently touch her shoulder. "Isabel, Max is here." He said softly, afraid she would break. His own heart was breaking for her.

Max rushed to the other side of his sister and seeing her just staring up at the sky, all tattered and bleeding, his own heart stopped.

"What the hell happened? Did a car hit her? Damn it! Somebody call an ambulance." Max cried out, his voice raw. He watched Michael and Liz run off and he then put a hand on Isabel's head, slowly moving a strand of hair back from where it was sticking to the drying blood on her face.

"Is, Is can you hear me? It's Max. God can you hear me?" he asked in a soft, gentle voice.

Alex was amazed at how gentle the big jock could be. Alex looked down at Isabel's face and knew she was in shock. He could see her breathing, and knew she had been able to talk to him before, but didn't seem able to say much now.

"Ma…Max?" Isabel finally whispered and with a trembling chin, she turned to look up at her brother's terrified face.

"God Is! Where are you hurt? Where did the car hit you? Hang on honey, the ambulance is on the way." Max assured her, taking her hand in his and was startled when she actually squeezed very tightly on his hand.

"Max…please I'm okay. No ambulance." Isabel tried to plead with him. Then she turned to her friend Maria with a pleading look.

Maria got down next to Isabel, her face pale and sick with worry.

"Please Maria, tell Max, no ambulance." Isabel cried and she started shaking again.

Max finally realized that Isabel's clothes were so tattered, the only thing covering her at all was a shirt, and he gathered it was Alex's when he noticed the guy only had a T-shirt on.

Swearing, he shrugged out of his own leather jacket and gently bundled it around his sister as well. It was big and covered her to her knees. Max couldn't believe that she looked this bad and was still conscience. Where the hell was the car that hit her? And now that he looked around, he realized she was no where near the driveway or the road.

"Is?" Max felt the skin on the back of his neck come up. The closer he looked at his sister, the more he realized she looked like someone had beaten her with a fist.

Isabel saw the look come into Max's eyes and didn't want him to go after Kyle. She turned to Maria with pleading eyes again.

But before Maria could say anything, Michael and Liz came rushing back. "Ambulance is on its way. I'm going to go flag them down in this direction." Michael said as he raced off toward the road.

"What…what happened?" Liz asked in a low voice, afraid like Max that Isabel was gravely injured from an accident.

"Isabel? It wasn't a car was it?" Max said between a tight jaw.

"Max please…I just want to go home. Please, just take me home. No ambulance. Maria?" Isabel looked again at her friend for help.

Maria knew Isabel wanted her to agree with her and just talk Max into taking Isabel home. But she knew this wasn't the first time, and wouldn't be the last time either, that Kyle would do this to Isabel. She couldn't let Isabel hide behind this anymore. "I'm sorry Isabel. But you should go to the hospital. And…you need to tell the authorities…what…what happened." Maria bit her lip.

Isabel shook her head, wincing as she did. "No! Maria…you know I can't. Please. Max just take me home!" she turned back to her brother and sobbed now.

Max looked from Maria to Isabel and guessed Maria knew what was going on. "Maria?" Max asked through gritted teeth. He wasn't far from losing it, if he was right about what had actually happened to his sister.

Maria looked from Isabel's eyes to Max's burning ones, and knew she had to tell him. That Isabel needed help. That she needed to come forward with the way things had been for awhile now.

"Who did this Maria?" Max ground out, at the end of his patience.

Michael came back followed by the paramedics. But Max never took his eyes off of Maria.

Maria hated to be the one to break a promise to her friend, but she knew it was for her own good. A lone tear ran down Maria's cheek.

"Maria! Who did this?" he asked one last time, although he had a good idea whom. But he had to hear it.

He stood up as the paramedics took over taking care of Isabel. His fists were clenched and he waited for his answer.

"Max…please…Isabel needs you now. Can't we talk about this later." Maria swallowed. She knew from the look in Max's eyes that he was going to lose it completely in a second.

Max looked down at the paramedics working on his sister and then away, as they removed the coat to check out her bruises and injuries.

"What happened here." One of the paramedics asked, wrapping a blood pressure cup on the beaten girl's arm. The paramedic glanced up at the teen standing protectively next to the girl. "Does she have any family around? We're going to need consent to treat her. We need to take her to the hospital."

Max looked down at the paramedic and swallowed. "I'm her brother. I…I'll call our parents, they can meet you at the hospital."

"Meet you? Max…no…please come with me…I need you." Isabel panicked knowing that Max was going to kill Kyle if she didn't stop him.

But Max ignored her. "It was Kyle wasn't it?" he turned again to Maria, his eyes burning into hers and begging her to tell him.

Maria bit her lip, closed her eyes and as another tear escaped, she nodded.

"FUCK!" Max swore. Just as angry at himself for not having realized this before. How could he have been so blind! Why hadn't his sister told him?! He was furious.

He turned back to the paramedic. "She'll…she'll be okay won't she?" he asked hoarsely.

The paramedic looked at the teen. "Physically, she looks okay. But we can't be sure of internal injuries until we take her in."

Max nodded, leaned down and kissed the top of Isabel's head and met her frightened, wild eyes. She knew what he was going to do.

"Max…please…"she tried once more.

But Max stood up and looked down at her. "I'll meet you at the hospital, don't worry." Then he turned to Maria. "Call my parents and have them meet you at the hospital. Tell them I'll be there soon." And with that, he walked off toward the party, leaving Isabel crying after him.

"Oh my God. He's going after Kyle isn't he?" Liz said in a frightened voice.

"Please, stop him." Isabel cried meeting Alex's eyes for the first time since he'd found her.

Alex could only nod. Anything for Isabel, he thought to himself.

"Michael?" Liz cried, wanting Michael to stop Max as well. But Michael had already taken off after Max.

Maria grabbed Isabel's hand as the paramedics lifted her onto a gurney and stood up.

"Oh God Maria. Max can't lose his temper! Oh God!" But Isabel knew that Maria didn't fully understand what they would mean. For they have never told even Maria, that they had powers and were aliens. "Liz…please go to Max. He'll listen to you if anyone. He really likes you. He's liked you for a long time." Isabel whispered and took Liz's outstretched hand for a minute and didn't let go until the girl nodded in agreement.

Liz watched as Maria went with Isabel, then she turned and raced back to the party, terrified thinking of Max getting hurt.

Max strode into through the front door and glanced around. He was boiling over with anger. He could barely see straight. He should have protected his sister better. How could he have let this happen right under his nose and not known!

He saw one of the other teammates and went up to him. "Where's Kyle?" Max asked in a tight voice.

"Hey Man, he's in the kitchen I think, but…" Before the guy could finish, Max was heading for the kitchen.

Michael and Alex looked at each other and followed the furious Max.

Max slammed open the door to the kitchen and saw Kyle in the embrace of another cheerleader.

Max didn't even notice the few people who were in the room, or even the cheerleader. None of that registered except Kyle. Kyle was kissing Tanya's neck and thinking about getting her upstairs when suddenly the girl screamed and was tossed aside.

"What the…?" Kyle shook his head to clear it and then looked up into the deadly eyes of Max Evans.

"Ah shit man, let me guess. Your sister is giving you some bullshit story about me." He tried to bluff his way out.

Max didn't even wait for Kyle to finish. He growled, and hauled back and slammed his fist into Kyle's face.

Kyle caught unaware spun around and fell to the ground, with Max right on top of him.

Max didn't stop punching Kyle. He took swings with both fists, and the drunk Kyle didn't stand a chance against a furious brother, not to mention one with super powers.

Michael and Alex held back some of the other players who came into the kitchen and tried to interfere. They too wanted to beat the crap out of Kyle for what he'd done.

Liz ducked under some of the big football players and slide under Michael and Alex's hands too. She stood looking down at the scene in horror.

Max was beating Kyle with everything he had, and she could hear Max sobbing and cursing the guy as he did.

Liz sobbed, put a hand over her mouth to hold back the nausea, and moved forward, knowing Isabel was right. Max was going to kill Kyle.

"Max!" she cried but knew he couldn't hear her. She stepped forward even more. If it had been anyone besides Max she never would have felt safe trying to get in the way of a mad man swinging his fists.

"Liz no!" Michael and Alex both cried out at the same time as Liz grabbed Max's shoulder and partially turned him toward her and gained his attention.

Max, only seeing red, felt the pull on his arm, and turned and swung back his fist to hit the intruder. Only he caught himself as he saw Liz's horrified tear stained face.

"Max…Oh God…you're killing him. Please…stop. For Isabel, please. She needs you." Liz cried, realizing Max was still trying to refocus on her.

Max shook his head to clear it and then looked down at Kyle who was beaten unconscious. He growled and wanted to go after him again, but Liz's sobbing plea turned him back to her.

"Please Max. Isabel needs you. You can't kill Kyle." Liz cried.

Max realized what he had almost done, had he been left alone to do it, and nausea rolled through his stomach. He would have killed Kyle. He would have killed someone. He could easily have killed.

Max stood up, and then turned to Liz's tear streaked, terrified face.

Liz saw Max calming down, and saw the madness leave his eyes. Then Max looked at her, his own eyes filled with terror at what he'd almost done, and then he pulled her into his arms.

He needed Liz to cleanse his soul. It felt so dark right now. He had almost killed. And with his strength, he would have also exposed himself and Isabel.

Liz held him tight, feeling his shutters and she knew he was shocked at what he had almost done as much as she was. She held him and soothed him.

Then she looked to Michael and Alex. "Get the truck, Max needs to get to the hospital for Isabel." She said in a raw voice filled with anguish for the guy in her arms.

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