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"A New Breed"
Part 18
by Susan
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Max closed the bedroom door once he and Liz were inside. Liz turned back around to face Max and the realization just hit her what they had just done and she burst into a fit of laughter. "What's so funny?" Max questioned, still not understanding.

"I can only imagine what Maria and Alex must be thinking right now. I mean you just announced to them that you wanted to go to bed and here we are." She tried to explain while waving her hands around toward the bed.

A smile appeared on Max's face when her explanation began to sink in. "I guess tomorrow Maria will be cross examining you for details."

"I'm surprised she allowed us to get behind closed doors tonight without details." With that both Max and Liz began to laugh.

The laughter didn't last long when Max took hold of Liz's hand and pulled her to the bed they would be sharing for the evening. His expression turned serious and full of concern. "Liz, you know we need to find out about the baby?"

"Max, the baby is fine. I know it and you know it already. The baby is not going to hurt me in any way. If anything this baby is just like it's father and will protect me." She looked into Max's eyes willing him to see she was speaking the truth.

"Liz...Please. I need to be sure." Max pleaded. He just couldn't get the thought out of his mind that his blood could somehow cause Liz harm or worst cause her to die.

Liz nodded her understanding in Max's feelings. He slowly brought one hand up to her face and started to place the other hand upon her stomach to form the connection between himself, Liz and their unborn baby growing inside of Liz. But, before his hand found it's final destination Liz reached for it. "No, Max, I want you to make the connection with our baby through our love. I want you to feel the connection in your heart not in your mind."

Max knew exactly what Liz was trying to say and he didn't need a second invitation to do what his body was so desperately wanting to do. Gently he caressed her face with the hand. He took his other hand and slowly pushed Liz back on the bed until she was laying in front of him. This time there was no reason to rush. He knew they were safe for the night and he intended to make love to Liz the way she deserved to be made love too.

As he looked into her eyes she could see the desire of his need. She could feel the earning growing with such intensity in him as it was her feelings as well. The connection was formed between them almost instantaneously. As much as they both felt the urgency to rush, tear each other's clothes off and make made passionate love. Both wanted to savor this moment in time. Making it stop as if they were the only two people here on earth. Max leaned over her slowly. Keeping his eyes locked on hers until his forehead touched hers. His eyes closed as he breathed in deeply. Taken in the scent of Liz that was just her made his insides stir with even more desire, lust and most of all love. He inched his lips closer and closer until they hovered just over the tips of hers. "I love you Liz Parker." His voice barely a whisper as his lips descended upon hers.

The kiss was gentle, loving and full of passion. The pace was set and both knew this night was for them. Max sucked Liz's bottom lip into his mouth with such tenderness that it caused a moan of delight to escape Liz. She brought her hand around behind his head and let her fingers play with the nap of his neck pulling him down even closer to her. Her other arm went around his waist lifting his shirt to feel his bare back. Max soon found himself stretched fully on top of Liz. Their kiss deepened and the drive of their desires had taken over their bodies. Both could feel each others needs and desires. The feelings engulfed them. Each desires for the other were strong enough, but to be able to feel what the other was feeling at the exact same time overwhelmed them.

Their tongues met in a duel, while their bodies moved in a rhythm of earning. Liz continued to lift his shirt while her hand caressed in an upward motion. Max kept one hand on her face gently holding and caressing at the same time. His other hand roamed down her body. Touching every inch of her as it did. Finally Max's need to touch her flesh grew too intensely. He pulled away breaking their kiss and quickly removed his own shirt. Liz sat up and started to follow suit when Max stopped her. "Let me." His voice hoarse and full of passion. He slowly pulled her shirt up letting his fingers linger across her body sending Liz's body into the throws of passion unlike anything she knew she was capable. When her shirt was gone Max's hands cupped the sides of her face pulling her into another deep passionate kiss. His hands slid down her neck to her shoulders. As they continued their journey downward his thumbs hooked onto the straps of her bra pulling them down.

He quickly waived one finger behind her releasing the hooks that held the bra in place. Liz pulled back to allow him to remove the lace undergarment easily. "Your cheating." She smiled at him as she realized he had used his powers to unhook her bra.

"I'm a man on a mission remember." He joked back, but as Liz's bra was removed all the humor of the moment was gone and replaced with desire once again. "God Liz, you are so beautiful." He moaned out as he tilted his head down to capture one of her creamy white breast with his mouth. One hand wrapped around her waist to give her support as the other took a hold of her other breast. He licked, suckled, kneaded, pulled, rubbed and squeezed. Dividing his mouth and hand between the two mounds of flesh.

Liz arched her back as the sensations of Max's touch drove her body into an escasty of pure joy. "Oh...Max...Yes." She moaned deeply. Her need to touch him came in waves as he continued his assault on her upper body. She reached for his chest and allowed her hand to slowly explore over his chest muscles. Then downward to his tight stomach abs and downward until she came in contact with his jeans. She continued past the button until she found the hard bulge that was trapped behind his jeans.

When Liz began her assault on his manhood from the outside of his jeans Max couldn't keep the growl of desire that escaped his lips onto the breast it was devouring at the time. He kissed his way back up her chest, to her neck and then once again captured her lips gently pushing her back down on the bed. His hand wandered past her breast, downward past her stomach and slipped inside her pants without bothering to take the time to unbutton them. When his fingers found the treasure they were seeking both of them let out moans of delight into each others mouths.

Liz knew her body was screaming for Max. She needed every inch of him to satisfy the hunger of passion and desire that was coursing through her veins. She brought her hands up to undo the button on his jeans. When she reached for his zipper Max pulled back once again. "I better take it from here." He was too filled with desire for her from both of their assaults and knew care had to be taken in the removal of his pants.

He stood up and started to unzip his pants when Liz stopped him. "Do you trust me?" She asked with seduction in her voice. Amazed Max could only nod taking her hands and bringing them to his zipper. Liz sat up and took great care in unzipping and pulling his pants and boxers down over his hips. But once his erection sprang forth confronting her she didn't bother pulling them down any further. Her hands immediately went to the aroused muscle that stood before her. They wrapped around it, exploring every inch from the tip to the base. When one hand slipped around his sensitive sacs Max's knees began to buckle.

Barely remembering how to breathe Max groaned out. "Liz..I...Need...You...Now!" He once again pushed her back on the bed. This time the need for her that rushed through his body was beyond any control. He quickly waved his hand over her jeans removing the button and pulling down the zipper. In one swift motion her jeans and panties were removed from her body. Max kicked himself out of his jeans that had puddle around his ankles quickly. He resumed his position on top of Liz immediately bringing their now naked flesh in touch with each other causing a surge of desire.

He reached between her legs willing her to spread them which Liz complied easily with his silent request. His fingers explored the hot wet pink flesh of his desire. He rubbed gentle around her core, then eased one finger inside the warmth of her body. As soon as his finger went inside, Liz felt the sensation deep inside her soul. The wave of pleasure crashed through her over and over again as he plunged his finger in and out of her. Unable to wait another moment to feel Max inside her she screamed out. " please...Now!"

Max obliged her pleas. He position his aroused erection at her opening and ever so slowly inched his manhood inside of the wetness until he was fully sheaved in her. He stayed still for only a few moments to regain enough control to not lose himself right there and then. He took that moment to stare deeply into the deep brown doe shaped eyes of the woman who had captured his heart so completely. In those eyes he saw the unconditional love she had for him and also the desire for him to continue.

Their body's needs took over before their minds could catch up. Max raised and lowered himself in and out of Liz. Pulling out almost all of the way and then replunging back into the wet heaven of his desires. Liz matched his rhythm as their bodies melded into one. The passion that ran through their bodies was unsurpassed to anything that they had ever encountered before. Their rhythms increased as the desire for release increased. Neither wanting the moment to end, but the need for the release grew and grew as their bodies continued their passage of time. In and out. Up and down. Their love making continued until neither could hold their release any longer.

Throughout their love making Liz had organism after organism causing her whole body to feel like it was floating in the clouds of escasty. When the final multiple organism hit her, her muscles tightened around Max's organ. Her body started trembling with pleasure and she screamed his name in delight.

Max's own release finally came when he felt Liz's inner muscles tighten around him. He continued to pound into her as he emptied himself inside her beautiful body. "Oh God..YESSSS!!!" He screamed as his release continued to flow out of his body and into hers.

Liz's body continued to tremble long after the organism finally stopped. Upon finishing his own release he collapsed on top of Liz. Wrapping his arms around her. Holding and comforting her until her body calmed. "I love you so much. That was truly..." Max breathed out in a husky voice.

"Amazing." She finished his thought as she not only felt it herself, but knew how he was feeling due to their connection. "And I love you, Max Evans." Liz's voice was soft. Still not yet recovered from their love making experience.

Although they were exhausted from the day's experience and their lovemaking neither was ready to let the other go. Something from deep inside of them wouldn't allow them to separate their bodies from each other. The connection between them still going strong. It was at this time that they felt the presence of a third person. They both knew the third person's presence was their baby.

Max reached out with his mind to find the answers he so desperately needed. Liz could hear his questions in his mind just as loudly as if he spoke them with his voice due to the connection. When they got the answers they needed Max very reluctantly removed himself from inside of Liz breaking their remarkable union as one and breaking the connection. He rolled over and quickly pulled her to his side unwilling to let her be too far away from her. She looked up into his eyes and had a smile that lit up her face that was reflected in Max's, as the gleam in his eyes spoke of happiness and enteral love. "So, what do you think?" He finally asked.

"I think it's something I could diffidently get used to." She replied.

They both hugged each other tightly and found themselves drifting off into the most peaceful sleep either had experienced in their entire lives. Content to know that their baby's life was in their hands. More precisely in the hands of their love for each other.

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