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"A Few Degrees Shy of Heaven"
Part 6
by Christina
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Authors Note: ***If you haven't read Road Trip, much of this will not make sense***
Maria's eyes didn't waver from her tummy for several seconds. She brought one hand up to touch it but then she stopped and shook her head with conviction.

"No Liz, I don't think so! Besides, it's only been a few days and I don't care if we are a human-Dilana mix, I wouldn't be pregnant yet! Right Michael?" she pleaded with him to agree. She dug her Cyprus Oil out of her pocket and sniffed it. She looked over at Michael for reassurance but he didn't look as confident as she would have liked. She handed him the oil and then said, "What do you think?"

Michael opened his mouth and then closed it, an inner struggle evident in his eyes. "I'm not sure," he said. "It does seem too soon, but we really don't know. I think we should call Ashtar and the others and see what they have to say."


"What did they say?" Maria asked Michael after he hung up the phone. The two of them were alone in the break room of the Crashdown. The others were still in the dining room, talking quietly amongst themselves about all of the information Michael and Maria had just given them.

Michael looked up at her and sighed. "They said it would be very unlikely that you would be pregnant already but they really don't know for sure. They've never seen a human-Dilana pair before so they don't know what to tell us. They did say that the usual gestation period for a Dilana woman would be a year, but like I said, they don't know what we should expect if we are pregnant." He smiled and said, "For now, I don't think we should worry until we have a real reason to worry, okay?"

Maria nodded and then smiled. She noticed that he referred to a possible pregnancy as theirs and not just hers and it made her truly believe that even if it were true, if she were pregnant, Michael would be there for her no matter what.

Michael's voice snapped her back to reality. "But, they did say that we should connect again and try to look for any possible signs within ourselves. It is possible that, if there were a child, he/she could join us in the connection."

"Did you want to do it right now?" she asked, thinking that the connection idea was a good thing.

He shook his head. "Not quite yet. I was thinking maybe tonight before we go to bed."

"You can't stay at my house! What about my mother? If she sees you in my bed, she'll freak!"

"We'll be careful, okay? She won't find out," he said, taking her face in his palms.

She nodded. Michael's smile faded from his lips and was replaced by a look of adoration. "Have I told you how beautiful you are, today?" he asked.

She brought her hand up to her mouth and bit on one of her fingers, smiling playfully. "I don't know. Maybe. But you can go ahead and tell me again just to be thorough. I don't mind, "she said.

He surprised her by pulling her in extremely close so that their bodies were pressed up against each other's tightly. His eyes caressed her face lovingly and then he said in a voice raw with emotion, "Maria Deluca, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe."

She blushed and whispered, "Thank you." They embraced and Michael's worries faded away. He saw and felt a change come over Maria, as well. She was no longer worried. She rubbed her body against his, and when he pulled back, he saw her expression was now wicked. It was like a switch had been flipped.

She tightened her arms around him in a firmer embrace and traced his lips with her tongue. "You know, you taste really good right now," she spoke in a sultry voice. "Like sweet and spicy." She licked her lips, savoring his taste and said, "You're positively yummy."

"Oh yeah?" Just the sound of her increased breath was caused him to get dizzy, but mixed with her seductive voice, he almost lost his mind.

"Mmm hmm," she murmured low in her throat. "And you know what? I'm craving sweet and spicy badly at this moment." She leaned in to the side of his head and nibbled on his earlobe. Into his ear, she purred, "In fact, Michael. I think I'll die if I don't get it right now."

He groaned as she grinded her center over his now-throbbing arousal and covered her mouth in a fierce kiss. When she pulled back, gasping for air, he spoke teasingly, "Well Maria. Like I said, I would do anything to save you from dying. Just tell me what you want me to do."

She growled low in her throat like a ferocious jungle cat, and pushed him hard so that he fell back on to the futon behind him. He spread out over it, his head resting on a pillow and he grinned at her, liking her aggressiveness.

She smirked at him and licked her lips as she crawled on top of him. "Don't worry your pretty little head Michael. You don't have to do a thing. In fact, I probably won't let you."


"What if she is really pregnant, Max?" Isabel asked him, her forehead puckered in worry.

Max rubbed his eyes, and sighed. "I don't know. It will obviously cause some suspicion and I bet the FBI would be all too happy to find out that an possible half-alien, half- human child was being born."

"Wow, those are some pretty grim thoughts," Liz said disgusted. "But what I'm worried about right now is my best friend. If she is pregnant, not only does she have to deal with the same problems every teenage mother has to deal with, but she also will have to worry about...we don't even know what! This could be extremely dangerous for her and all you can think about is saving your own asses!! Like always!!!"


Maria laid out on top of Michael and attacked his neck with the intensity of a feral beast. When she was done ravaging his neck, she reached down and undid his pants roughly. Then she got up and slid them off his legs and pulled his boxers down with them.

Recklessly, she pulled off all of her clothes and stretched out on top of him again, her body shaking with raw desire. She kissed him hard and fast. She was so hungry and her kisses left his mouth feeling raw. He loved it.

She reached down in between their bodies and gripped him hard in her hot hand, scratching him slightly with her nails. His body jerked. He couldn't believe she was being so forceful.

He could feel her wet core raining down on him and his thoughts became muddled. She looked him in the eyes and then pulled her lower body back just enough to get him situated near her entrance. She locked eyes with him and then she lowered herself on him fast and hard.

His body quivered uncontrollably when she landed on him, and his eyes glazed. She sat up and started riding him, bucking her hips with at a rapid pace. He lost his mind and began to groan. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.


A furious look crossed Isabel's face and she jumped up, ready to pounce on Liz. Max voice stopped her. "Iz, she's right. Our biggest concern right now should be Maria."

Isabel rolled her eyes and then sat down. "That's just great Max! Always siding with your little scientist even if it means our lives."

Max shot her an angry look but turned his head when he saw Liz stand up. She glanced at him, obviously upset, and she muttered, "I'm going to go see what the elders had to say."

Liz came back not thirty-seconds later, looking a little dazed, a little flushed. She sat down and refused to make eye contact with anybody.

"What did the elders say, Liz?" Alex asked, anxiously. He too was extremely concerned about Maria and wanted to make sure she would be okay.

"What?" she asked and then she shook her head slowly. Very slowly, as though in a trance, she said, "Uh, I don't know. I didn't ask."

"Why not?" Max asked. And then "Liz are you okay? Your acting a little weird."

She looked up at him and said, "You would be too if you just walked-in on your best friend and her boyfriend having sex."


Maria and Michael returned to the dining room a little while later. They sat down and looked around the room. Right away, they noticed that something was off. Liz was red and she refused to look at them. The others were smirking and refusing make eye contact as well.

"What? What's wrong? I don't get it," Maria said, looking between Liz and Alex, the two who looked most embarrassed.

Isabel smiled meanly at Maria and said, "You guys need to learn how to control yourselves. The perfect Elizabeth Parker just walked in on you two having sex."

Maria's and Michael's eyebrows raised and Maria said, "Could you run that by me one more time?"

"She saw you two having sex in the break room, Maria," Isabel said slowly as though she were hard of hearing.

Maria glanced at Michael and then they both looked at Liz. Maria said, "Oh yeah, Uh, okay. Uh Liz, honey? I really want whatever drugs you're on."

Liz looked up at her. "What?"

"Well, you have to be on something to make up such a story about us. Please, I think we both have more tact than to have sex in the breakroom of the Crashdown cafe," Michael scoffed, putting his hands on his hips.

Liz giggled, thinking that they were joking and then looked into Maria's and Michael's faces and realized that they were serious. "You honestly don't remember? You told me to get the hell out of there!"

They shook their heads and Isabel said, "Great. This crazy sex thing followed by complete mind lapse problem is becoming a serious pattern between you two!"

"We'll call Ashtar back in the morning and ask him about these sexual black-outs,," Michael said firmly after realizing that there was no joke.

"And fast!" Maria said, humiliated by her lack of memory. " I don't want to end up attacking you in class tomorrow or something, okay?"

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