FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"A Few Degrees Shy of Heaven"
Part 2
by Christina
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Authors Note: ***If you haven't read Road Trip, much of this will not make sense***

She glanced over at Alex with wide eyes and he looked over to the scene ahead of them. He shook his head slightly. "WOW!"

Liz shook her head and closed her eyes shut tightly, counting to five. When she opened her eyes, the scene was the same.

Michael was holding Maria's arms securely above her head with his front pressed firmly into her, his mouth practically swallowing her entire face. Maria had a leg wrapped around his waist and was moaning loudly.

Liz was positively stunned by the scene in front of her. Maria swore that she didn't even like Michael that way anymore and now she was practically on top of him and right in the middle of the hallway! And Maria despised public displays of affection! Liz didn't know what the hell had happened over the weekend but she was going to find out.

She tossed a determined look at Alex and began to walk up to them when someone behind her call her name. She turned and saw Max and Isabel were at the end of the hall, heading straight towards her.


"Michael, please," Maria moaned breathlessly into his open mouth. "I need you."

Michael pulled her up and her legs wrapped tightly against his waist, her center grinding against his washboard abs. He let her hands go and they wrapped around his back, her sharp nails digging into her shoulders. One of his hands supported her bottom and the other snaked up the back of her sweater. All the while, he tongue tangled with hers.

Each and every thought was centered on Maria. Maria's touch, Maria's taste, Maria's skin, Maria's scent. He could concentrate on nothing else.

He reluctantly pulled back to look at her, his eyes savage. He die if he didn't feel her bare skin soon. He needed to get rid of her clothes. Now! He looked down at her sweater and an idea occurred to him.

He pushed with his mind.


Alex turned away, finally able to look away from the scene in front of him. He was reeling. This scene was, was so not Maria. The Maria he knew would never have such an intense, hot make-out session in public for the entire school to see.

He saw that Isabel and Max were coming their way. Liz was walking to meet them and Alex followed her. He couldn't wait to see their reaction.

"Have you heard anything from Maria yet?" Max asked when Liz reached them. Liz nodded mutely.

"Well, was Michael with her?" Isabel asked impatiently. Liz nodded again.

Alex saw that Liz was trying to tell them what was ahead of them but couldn't speak so he looked at the aliens and said, "You two better come with me. You're not going to believe this."

He led them back to the locker bay. A small crowd sat back watching the couple, slightly blocking the view.

"Alex, what's going on?" Isabel asked straining to see through the crowd.

He didn't answer, he just led them to the front and said "Look for yourself."

Isabel and Max both looked at Michael and Maria and gasped.

Max felt as thought he had been slapped. Michael was always telling him how dangerous it was to be with Liz and here he was, Maria moaning, her legs wrapped against waist.

Isabel glanced at Max, her brow furrowed, and said "Oh my God. Do you think we should stop them? They're in public, for Christ's sake."

Max couldn't answer. He was too upset. He had been worried that Michael had left them to search for his past, and instead, he finds that he had just gone for a wild romp with Maria.

"Oh my God!" He heard Liz cry.

"Max, do something!" Isabel hissed and Max saw what she was talking about.

Michael's eyes were staring intently at Maria's sweater. Max could feel something building inside of Michael and then it shot out of him like a cork. The buttons on her sweater flew in all different directions like and her sweater shot backwards.

Max ran up to them and the others followed, closing around them so the crowd couldn't seen if anything else happened. The sweater incident could be explained easily because his hand had been under it, but they didn't know what else would happen.

Max put his hand on Michael's shoulder and called his name. Michael ignored him and continued to ravage Maria. Max tried again, a little louder this time and tugged on his arm. Nothing. Finally, Isabel put her hands on Maria and the two pulled Michael and Maria apart.

Maria whimpered at the loss, he eyes dazed. Michael, turned around and pushed Max away, laying him out flat on his ass, and moved towards Maria again.

Liz put one hand on both Michael's and Maria's heaving chests and screamed in a piercing shriek, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Michael and Maria both stopped and stared at Liz, confused. They noticed the crowd around them and they appeared to be sober. "What's going on Liz?" Maria asked meekly, her voice a little shaky.

"Why don't you tell us!" Isabel snapped, her eyes flashing first at Maria and then at Michael.

Alex picked up Maria's sweater and bag off of the ground and then spoke up quietly. "We all need to talk guys. I think we should find somewhere more private."

The others agreed and Liz suggested that they go to Mrs. Hardy's bio room because the room was empty first hour.


"Now, what the hell was that about out there you two and where the hell have you been all weekend?" Isabel yelled as soon as the door shut behind them.

"What the hell are you talking about Isabel?" Michael asked impatiently. He honestly had no clue.

Isabel's narrow eyes looked at him incredulously. "That scene in the hallway, Michael. The one straight out of the beginning of a porno movie!"

Michael threw his hands in the air and screamed, "I have no clue what the fuck you are talking about Isabel!" He looked at Maria and saw that she didn't know either.

Isabel opened her mouth to yell again, not believing a word of it, when Liz interjected. "Michael, Maria, listen. When we got to school this morning, Alex and I saw you two practically swallowing each other in the hallway. You were all over each other. This wasn't a harmless kiss and hug session. This was the kind of making out that causes spontaneous combustion."

"And you used your powers to rip the her sweater off!" Isabel hissed. Alex held up the sweater for the utterly confused couple to see and they both sucked in a breath. The buttons were gone and it was stretched out around the neck.

Michael looked at Maria who had turned an unhealthy shade of red. He spoke. "The only thing I remember is going up to her and saying hello, and then we kissed and had a vision from when we made love this weekend and then she asked if I wanted to go to the eraser room. After that...I have no clue."

Maria shook her head. "Me either."

Liz was still stuck on what she just heard him say. "Made love?" she asked at the same time Isabel screamed. "You guys had sex?!!"

Michael nodded and Isabel started to slap him. "Are you stupid? You don't even know who we are and you had no clue what could've happen. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

*Tell them!* Maria sent silently.

"No not yet!" Michael said to her, not realizing that he said it out loud.

"Not yet, what?" Alex asked for the bewildered group. They were all staring at Michael in confusion.

"Who are you talking to?" Isabel asked, her furrowed brow reflecting confusion.

Michael sighed and looked at Maria. *I don't want to tell them at school. We should wait until tonight and tell them after the Crashdown closes.*

Maria began to nod. She noticed that everyone was staring at her and she tried to pass it off as though she were stretching her neck. *I agree, but you got to tell them something!*

"What's going on, Michael?" Max finally spoke, looking between Michael and Maria. He could tell that something was off. Another thought came to him and he sucked in a breath of air. "Michael! Since when can you remove clothes with your mind?"

Michael sighed again and looked at the faces of his alien and human friends. They looked at him expectantly. He said "We need to get together tonight after the Crashdown closes. I have the answers we've been looking for."

"What?!!!" They collectively screamed.

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