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"A Few Degrees Shy of Heaven"
Part 16
by Christina
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Summary: ***If you haven't read Road Trip, much of this will not make sense***
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Maria couldn't believe it. It took her a moment to process the information but she realized that Camille Valenti had just said that she knew Maria had powers. That meant she knew something about the aliens.

Camille Valenti produced a small orb from her pocket and held it tight in her hand.

Maria scowled "I'm not impressed yet," she said even though she was terrified. The orb she held was similar to that of the one she had used during the ritual with Michael back in Sedona.

Kyle smacked Maria upside the head and said, "Show some respect."

"Don't fucking touch me!" Maria yelled.

"Did anyone ever tell you patience was a virtue, child?" Camille asked, smirking. "Just wait." She put her hand up in front of her and closed her eyes.

Maria could sense a power source stronger than anything she had ever experienced building inside the petite woman. A rumbling noise grew inside of the house and the lights began to flicker. The power inside the woman grew and grew and almost knocked Maria backwards. She heard a clinking sound and looked to see that the glass of water she had just been drinking was vibrating on the counter. The light in the house finally went out and was replaced by a blinding white light. The counter top was vibrating so badly that the water glass fell off the side, shattering on the floor.

Maria held her hand up to protect her eyes from the blinding light coming from Camille and she had to fight from blacking out when she saw the woman begin to transform. She saw the woman grow at least a foot in height. Her curly brunette hair lightened and grew straight. It then shortened, being sucked in by the roots. Her sharp pointy nose smoothed out and widened and her thin lips became full. Hair grew above her upper- lip and on her chin and she grew sideburns. She had turned into a man!

As though a flip had been switched, the silver light had dissipated and the pale yellow kitchen lighting returned. Maria blinked several times trying to get rid of the spots she was seeing and then looked at the man in front of her.

She heard a deep voice in her head. *He's a very powerful shapeshifter...* Ashtar's voice.

"Nacerro, I presume?" she said cursing herself for the shakiness she heard in the voice.

The man in front of her nodded. "Very good," he said in a deep voice.

Kyle put his hands on her shoulders from behind and whispered in her ear. "But that's not all. Don't you recognize him Maria?"

He did look familiar but she didn't know how or where she had seen him before. She looked into the man's eyes and a vision flashed in her head.


Amy Deluca sadly running her hand over a picture in a photo book.


A close up of Amy's hand touching the photo.


A finger tip running over a picture of Amy and Karl Deluca on their wedding day.

***End of Vision***

*OH MY GOD!* The man standing in front of her had been the man in the picture. The vision she had earlier that day had been trying to tell her.

Maria crossed her arms over her chest to try and cover her shaky hands. "So what? I was told about you. I know you're a shapeshifter. So, you changed into my father. Am I supposed to be impressed?"

"Are you really that dense?" Kyle asked, massaging her shoulders. To the man in front of him he said, "Should I tell her or do you want to?"

"Oh, please take the honors," Nacerro said.

Kyle hissed into her ears. "You see Maria, Nacerro didn't shapeshift into your father. He IS your father!"

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