About this Web Site

Is this an official web site?
No, Crashdown is completely unofficial and fan-run.

Who runs the Crashdown site?
Lena is running the website.

Crashdown was created by Squanto, Goldenboy and NetRanger, and was maintained by a team of approximately 20-25 people. For a list of news authors, please check the authors page which is located here. After the last update in November 2006, Lena started to re-design of the page in mid June 2008. With some new content and an update in almost every section the Crashdown website came back on January 1, 2009.

Can I use the pictures from this site on my own web site?
If you would like to use pictures from Crashdown on your own web site, please ask first. If you are given permission to use a picture from Crashdown, you must upload the picture to your own server (to reduce our bandwidth costs) and provide a credit and a link to Crashdown on your site. Be sure the credit is clearly visible in the location where the picture is being used, NOT on a separate "credits" page. For example, if you are using screen captures for a particular episode or pictures of a particular actor, please include the Crashdown credit somewhere on the thumbnail page for that episode or actor.

Can I use Christina's candid cast photos on my own web site?
No. Christina Radish is a professional photographer whose photos appear on Crashdown by special/exclusive arrangement. She owns the copyright on these photos and has specifically asked that they not appear elsewhere. This means you may not post them on your website, email them to friends, or send them out on egroups or mailing lists. If you would like to share Christina's work with your friends, please provide them with a link to her gallery here on Crashdown: Candid Cast Photos by Christina Radish

Can I use any of the other material from Crashdown on my website?
Please ask first. Most of the material that appears on Crashdown has been contributed by individuals who have spent a great deal of time and effort creating it and their work MUST be credited to them. You can usually determine who contributed material by checking the top of the page, where the creator's name will appear as an email link. Please obtain permission from them before using their material on any other sites. If for some reason you cannot determine who the contributor is, or their e-mail is not working, please contact one of the Crashdown webmasters to obtain permission.

Rules & Regulations For Giveaways

All personal information submitted as part of giveaways will be treated private. They will not be used or disclosed by us for any purpose other than general giveaway administration. The prizes will be sent well-packed; however we have no control whatsoever over the postal services fulfilling their duties (eg. the package turns up damaged or gets lost in the mail).

Site staff reserves the right to end the giveaway prior to the deadline, if necessary. Giveaways are fan-run. Affiliates or sponsors will be stated.

Prizes cannot be replaced and recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Winners will be notified via e-mail. The winner must reply within 14 days to accept the prize and submit shipping information. If the original winner did not reply in time, the prize must then go to another random winner.

About the Message Board

Do the actors ever post on the message board? Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are registered members. From time to time they answer questions the users on the board. Brendan posts as Spiderman and Majandra logs in as MAD.

In the first years William Sadler posted as (MrV) in the forums, the other actors popped in from time to time. Shiri Appleby posted as killercat, Colin Hanks posted as Mr.Krinkle, and Jim Ortlieb posted as Mr Harding. Jason Behr, Nick Wechsler, Katherine Heigl, and Emilie de Ravin also posted on the message board during the Summer 2000 Crashdown Party under Goldenboy's username.

About the Show

Where is the show filmed?
Roswell was filmed in Covina, CA and a stage on the Paramount lot.

What is the theme song and who sings it?
"Here With Me" by Dido (from her album "No Angel")

When does the show air?
Please check the Roswell news section and/or take a look at the thread Roswell ~ Where and When its On at the Media Blvd Forums.

Have a question about Roswell or about the Media Blvd Roswell board?
Visit the Have a question?? Ask it here! thread. Someone surely will have an answer.

About the cast

What are the real names/birthdays of the actors?

Main cast
Max Evans: Jason Behr / December 30, 1973
Liz Parker: Shiri Appleby / December 7, 1978
Isabel Evans: Katherine Heigl / November 24, 1978
Michael Guerin: Brendan Fehr / October 29, 1977
Maria DeLuca: Majandra Delfino / February 20, 1981
Alex Whitman: Colin Hanks / November 24, 1977
Tess Harding: Emilie de Ravin / December 27, 1981
Kyle Valenti: Nick Wechsler / September 3, 1978
Jesse Ramirez: Adam Rodriguez / April 2, 1975, Sheriff Valenti: William Sadler / April 13, 1950

Other characters
Nasedo/Ed Harding: Jim Ortlieb
Kathleen Topolsky: Julie Benz
Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr
Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor
Phillip Evans: Garrett M. Brown
Jeff Parker: John Doe
Nancy Parker: Jo Anderson
Milton: Steve Hytner
Deputy Owen Blackwood: Michael Horse
Grandma Claudia: Carroll Baker
River Dog: Ned Romero
Eddie: Tod Thawley
Agent Stevens: Richard Schiff
Agent Pierce/Deputy Fisher: David Conrad
Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck
James Valenti, Sr.: John Cullum
Hank Whitmore: Robert F. Lyons
Grant Sorenson: Jeremy Davidson
Courtney Banks: Sara Downing
Vanessa Whitaker: Gretchen Egolf
Brody Davis: Desmond Askew
Nicholas: Miko Hughes
Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall
Agent Suzanne Duff: Erica Gimpel
Laurie Dupree: Alison Lange
Meredith Dupree: Heidi Swedberg
Bobby Dupree: Dennis Christopher

Is Colin Hanks related to Tom Hanks?
Yes, Tom is his father.

Wasn't that guy on Dawson's Creek?
Yes, Jason Behr appeared as "Chris Wolfe" in six episodes of Dawson's Creek during its second season. He also guest-starred on the WB series 7th Heaven and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For more information about the cast members, check out the Cast page!

I keep seeing various groups on the boards referring to themselves by special names. What gives?
The various fan groups on the boards have come up with names for their groups. Some of the most common include:

Applesaucers - Fans of Liz Parker/Shiri Appleby
Behrians - Fans of the actor Jason Behr
Healers - Fans of the character Max Evans
Fehrians - Fans of the actor Brendan Fehr
Lollies - Fans of the character Michael Guerin
Pixie Chicks - Fans of the actress Majandra Delfino
Teflon Babes - Fans of the character Maria DeLuca
Donors - Fans of the character Alex Whitman
Hankies - Fans of the actor Colin Hanks
Brats - Fans of the actor Nick Wechsler
Cheerleaders - Fans of the character Kyle Valenti
Valentines - Fans of Sheriff Valenti/William Sadler
Wild Ones - Fans of Isabel Evans/Katherine Heigl
Ravishers - Fans of the actress Emilie de Ravin
Hussies - Fans of the character Tess Harding
Dream Girls/guys (or Dreamers) - Max/Liz shippers
Candy girls - Michael/Maria shippers
Stargazers - Alex/Isabel shippers
The Untuckables - Jim/Amy shippers
Castaways - people that do not fit in any of the above categories.
Pod Squad - term used to describe the group of aliens
Cliffhangers - Michael/Isabel shippers